November 2020 screening

Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Trailer Feedback Award
THE FOX World's first black and white one shot film LOMAD(THE FOX) is a story about a boy and a girl who had an affair in school and reunite via social media after more than a decade. Things are not the same as they were once. Both are married and almost strangers. They meet to create some magical moments but as they say. IT NEVER HAPPENS THE WAY WE WANT THINGS TO HAPPEN An afternoon, these two in a SINGLE SHOT will meet the strangers within them or shall we say the demons within them on a road, where they get stranded as their car breaks down. Drama unfolds with every frame and with every minute the past dominates them and the present grips them to make life changing decisions that alters the dynamics of the whole film. Will they jeopardize their marriage? Will their romance rekindle? Who is this stranger? 1:33:27 India Hindi
Best Thriller
The Night Witches With wood and canvas biplanes, no radio, no lights, no defenses and no parachutes, just bombs, these WW2 Soviet pilots terrorized the German front line night after night. They just happened to be women. A true story. 120 Pages United Kingdom English Best Screenplay
LEA'S SECRET When Lea and her father move in to their new condominium unit, she suddenly acquires the power to go through walls and closed doors. She doesn’t tell anyone about it— not even her mother who works as a nurse in London. At school, Lea tries out her newfound power to no avail. Taking note of her strange behavior, Teacher Cynthia reaches out and soon discovers that Lea’s power is actually the ability to survive through the harrowing trauma of sexual molestation from her own father. This short animated film is based on the acclaimed children’s book that aims to raise awareness on child sexual abuse, and empower victimized children to seek help and tell their stories. 0:05:03 Philippines Tagalog IG is leassecretph Best Animation Film
AL DI LA' DEL FIUME   0:04:04 Italy Italian   Official Selection
Confined Joanne is confined home with her husband because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her days are far from being happy ones and in desperation she finds an ultimate way out. (日本語字幕付き) 0:11:42 Canada French Best Experimental Film
Your Promise Your Promise Tonight you leave me alone And this morning as I dream Do you feel my heart It's broken 'cause of you Why did you promise me? You're leaving home And I'm screaming my pain You won't see my hips Walking side by side Why did you promise me? Love is gone Love is gone Did you feel my hands Before breaking my arms You won't kiss my lips Cause you're saying goodbye Why did you promise me? 0:02:27 France English Best Music Video
David Raynolds - Over and Out   0:03:40 Canada   Best Song
Gianni Berengo Gardin's Tale of Two Cities GIANNI BERENGO GARDIN’S TALE OF TWO CITIES explores the interconnected stories of the photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin and Venice. A controversial photography exhibition triggered protests and an international outcry, as tensions explode over the dramatic impact of the global cruise industry on La Serenissima. FOR MORE DETAILED SYNOPSIS: How can we preserve the endangered city of Venice? Gianni Berengo Gardin, Italy’s most famous living photographer, embraced this challenge with his powerful photographs and controversial exhibition that stirred debate, incited protests and triggered an international outcry. GIANNI BERENGO GARDIN’S TALE OF TWO CITIES examines the photographer’s commitment to Venice, and the profound impact of the giant cruise ships traveling through the fragile lagoon and the city’s historic center. Tensions explode in the ensuing climactic events as the audience is forced to confront Venice’s uncertain future. This film is a call for action. The time to act is now! 1:07:30 United States English, Italian Facebook page:
Gianni Berengo Gardin's Tale of Two Cities
Best Cinematography
Scorched Earth Four men give their accounts of what they went through when they stopped paying protection money and the exorbitant interest on loans to the Mafia in their town in Western Sicily. Instead they reported their extortioners to the police and helped to take them to court. These are testimonies that come from the heart and there is no Mafia mythologising here. They are set against the town's annual festival, which represents the community that is implicitly supporting the Mafia. 0:43:00 United Kingdom Italian     Official Selection
The Therapy What happens when societal norms shift within a marriage? Does success equal power and is power stronger than love? 0:24:00 United States Spanish   Best Actress
The Pilots Club A female detective in present-day San Francisco tails an ex-con who may be stalking his ex-wife, which leads the detective to the murder of a craft beer magnate and the LSD-trafficking operation of an aging artist. 110 Pages United States English     Official Selection
NOW The film was made during the lockdown, so the choice to interpret the drama with the mask, which might seem a contradiction for the expressive result , but which in this case represents a sign of the times and a provocation to vanity, emphasizing the parody of the dramatic actor. I made this film on my own, with unimaginable and sometimes comic technical difficulties as you can imagine, realizing all the processing stages: from the adaptation of the text, to photography, from the music and the soundtrack to post-production, from costumes to non-makeup, without any external collaboration also because it would have been logistically impossible. This is the inevitable demonstration that cinema is a collective art, if it is true that you cannot save yourself alone it is equally true that you cannot make films alone. These are 4 scenes from Richard Shakespeare's Richard III, where I play with grotesque / parodic acting and vision, between reality of drama and fiction in interpretation. 0:13:00 Italy Italian Best Actor
Elvira A young man meets an elderly woman in an European village. He was stunned by her stories, and a lie. 9 Pages Canada English     Official Selection
The Heartbeat Of Life Francesco, a Sicilian artisan drum maker, is following his dreams by making goatskin tambourines. The goat feeds on the earth, Francesco says, and returns to the earth in a new form; the drum. When Francesco creates an instrument, a true ritual is taking place, because he is giving back a voice to something that lived, died and then returns to life. He looks at the goats as children, all with different personalities. They must scatter. They need to go far away because they must learn to be on their own. Our lives vibrate to a primordial rhythm even before we have ears in the mother’s womb, that’s how we all are connected with the drum. Peppe, a percussionist and traditional music researcher, was first introduced to drums at age 10. His grandmother had drums hanging on the walls in her house. She would regularly take them down and start banging them with a technique all her own.. Today, he teaches the Sicilian tambourine because he believes it to truly be an identity factor of Sicily, particularly Southern Italy . According to methods of the Sicilian Greek philosopher Empedocles, Peppe continues that method playing onomatopoeic sounds taking his cues from the ancient Sicilian dialect. His mission is to keep alive the link between these almost lost worlds. 0:14:00 United States Italian

Best Director
Searching for Beati Paoli Caped avengers determined to defend the poor. Searching for Beati Paoli follows the tale of a mysterious sect in early 1700’s Palermo. This group was comprised of regular people whose mission it was to protect the lower classes from abuses of Nobles. A journey through the underground reveals their means, motives, and haunts. Various opinions will tell if they were real or just a great author’s creation. 1:26:00 United States       Best Documentary Feature
ANGEL OF BEGGARS   1:50:00 China Chinese     Official Selection
Brimming With Life Although Apartheid has ended, many people in the Townships of South Africa still live with its legacy - in shacks with few services and no running water or electricity. Despite these challenges, people still send their children to school, start up small businesses in old shipping containers and try their best to live a creative life. Filmed over 5 years, 'Brimming with Life', follows the lives of these families - as the Cape Town Carnival tries to unite these once excluded and rarely visited communities. 1:39:00 Australia English   Official Selection
TRIPPIN - KATERINHA Scattered across seasides and mountaintops throughout seven countries that used to be one, there are several thousands of monuments that were built in the Yugoslav era. The video for "Trippin" was filmed on 5 of those locations. This is the debut of Berlin based singer Katerinha. 0:05:16 Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of       Official Selection
Falafel Two young professionals having an awful morning suddenly meet at a cafe in London. A day that starts out terrible doesn't have to end that way. FALAFEL plays like a mini-feature, with action, music, romance, moments of humor, and a touch of Bollywood. 0:22:53 United States English     Official Selection
White Lighter White Lighter begins with two childhood friends, Sawyer and Micheal drunkenly discussing life in the middle of the street. After returning to the party, an argument escalates and Sawyer gets in a fight with a well connected preppy kid named Jordan. In the morning, Sawyer learns that his parents are kicking him out after hearing about the fight. He leaves the vacant party house to find his car vandalized by Jordan. Sawyer drives to the gas station to buy a lighter since he’s out and is in desperate need of a smoke. The cashier refuses to sell a lighter to anyone under the age of twenty one. In a fit of pent up rage, Sawyer robs the store at gunpoint. He flees to Micheal who comes up with a plan to smuggle Sawyer out of the US to Canada. On the road, they spend the night in a hidden valley where the two reconnect and contemplate their past. A cop attempts to arrest them on the road out. What follows is an intense chase that leaves them broken down in the midst of the vast Humboldt wilderness. The two seek shelter in a nearby abandoned barn. Sexual tensions rise in an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. They awake to discover the barn is resting in the heart of an illegal marijuana grow. In a close shootout, they steal a car filled with drug money and flee down the pacific coast highway. 96 Pages United States English     Official Selection
From Heaven is Cali In the Southwest of Colombia, there is a city where salsa dancing exists in a form that is unique in its boldness and energy, yet pure in its tradition and style. Cali, Colombia, known as the world's salsa dancing capital, and its people (referred to as Caleños) own this iconic dancing style. The city has been the muse of many salsa musicians, making it the subject of illustrative songs that tell the story of the "salsa Caleña" style as a symbol of an entire culture. Salsa Caleña is not only danced but consumed with a burst of energy, joy, and sentimentality that brightens the streets of Cali whenever there's salsa music playing. From professional salsa dancers and musicians to nightclub owners and costume designers, "From Heaven is Cali" (whose title is taken from the famous salsa/Cali anthem "Cali Pachenguero" by Grupo Niche), explores the relationships between this unique art-form and the people whose lives are inter­woven into a culture that has become synonymous with the city of Cali. 0:12:25 United States Spanish     Official Selection
Dear Child A documentary which follows the lives of children recovering from their involvement with the drug war in Brazil 1:26:00 Brazil Portuguese   Official Selection
Vittima d'ignoranza An high school student with an identity crisis is longing to have a friendship with a charismatic schoolmate which doesn't look like to reciprocate.This rejection will lead the protagonist to a psychological decay to the point of making him commit mad gestures. 118 Pages Italy Italian     Official Selection