Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Award
Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion Babylon considers the text of Psalm 137 (By the Waters of Babylon) as it has resonated through the music of two ghettoized peoples – Italian Jews of Mantua during the period of the Counter-Reformation, and African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. Narrated by the titanic voice of actor Ezra Knight, the musical performances of works by Italian-Jewish composer Salamone Rossi (1570 – 1630) and contemporary American Brandon Waddles (1988 –) are by the groundbreaking Kaleidoscope Vocal Ensemble. Other musical selections are historical recordings by such luminaries as Ma Rainey, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Big Mama Thornton, The Fisk Jubilee Singers, and others, as well as two luminaries in contemporary West African music, Kevin Nathaniel Hylton and Yacouba Sissoko. 0:29:06 United States English Best Historical Film
The Anthology Of Julius A naive Nigerian immigrant seeking his green card is caught in a web of deception when the FBI forces him to bust the very same con he used to steal millions from others. 1:54:27 United States English Best Drama Feature
Spiritual Level The official music video for the song "Spiritual level", about the sense of greater love, strength, and unity even without having the physical presence of others at a time it is not available. This meaning also stands community wide as we come together on a much deeper level. This video also documents real families who have their own set of challenges, especially during one of the most globally challenging years. There is no perfect picture of what love is supposed to look like, but the meaning of perfect love goes beyond the physical level, it is bonded so strongly on a spiritual level. Though the courage, strength, and greater depth of love prevails all and just shows what a strong sense of love truly is. The ability to bring awareness and lift one another, to continue to dance through any storm with the and combine strength with the beauty of our differences, no matter our physical appearance or presence. Love is as strong as we are connected. Love is a bond that's roots are grounded much deeper than the physical level, but Spiritual-level. The ability to always feel this when you are connected from this place. 0:03:59 United States English Best Song
Rocking the Unemployment Line (OG Version) A sexy, hilarious and fun ride through the life of an unemployed superstud and his "five fine dimes"! Guaranteed to make you laugh at least once or your money back! 0:02:41 United States English Best Music Video
The South Wind _65mins After retired, Mr. Xu and his wife helped their daughter operate a bathhouse. Unfortunately, Mr. Xu suffered cerebral infarction due to overwork. For this reason, their daughter decided to sell her business. After recovery, Mr. Xu bought a car in November 2019 and started his first long-distance journey with his wife - Pingjie. After getting to Fangpo Village, the southernmost of Mainland China, from the Northeast China, they were “trapped” at the sea due to the outbreak of COVID-19.Mr. Xu blamed himself for not taking good care of his wife and children even after struggling most of his life.Foods taken from the sea and the seaside environment help Pingjie recover from high blood pressure and Mr. Xu from hyperglycaemia.Every time when Mr. Xu went hunting for food, he would whisper “God Forgive Me”.They are cared about by their family members at the other side of country and the epidemic linked the distant hearts of their family members.After the epidemic checkpoint was removed, Mr. Xu and his wife continued their journey to the other three furthermost ends of China, hoping to eat what others often eat and go where others live. 1:05:00 China Chinese Best Asian Feature
The Eve - Short film 2015 (English version) Winner of 739 awards -check the screenings/awards section and Twitter account below Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen. ATTENTION: SPOILER! THE FOLLOWING NOTE MUST BE READ ONLY AT THE END OF THE SHORT MOVIE IN ORDER TO HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE STORY... 0:20:00 Not Specified English Best Producer
The Treasure Black comedy “The Treasure” was based the eponymous neorealist tale by Alberto Moravia from the collection “The Roman Stories (1954)”. The main impulse to write the script came from an actual article from the Czech tabloid about buried Jewish gold. The film takes place in a Czech town and tries bitterly to criticize the absence of piety and the persisting anti-Semitism hidden in some of us. The whole film is illustrated by the music of the Prague Yiddish band and photographs of the Jews. 0:24:52 Czech Republic Czech Best Comedy
woman in the valley tamara has no idea if to stop or continue her unplanned pregnancy. An odd coach directs her to stay for 3 days alone in the wilderness in order to get the right descition. will Tamara succeed to solve her dilemma? is the coach an idiot or wize instru tor? when things take a twist or two, these questiones are answered 'with a grain of salt'... 1:47:00 Israel Hebrew Official Selection
NEW HORIZON Fight for survival in the demon city 0:15:00 Japan Japanese Best Horror
Beach Claw A meek crab tangles with a bully over rightful ownership of a seashell according to “beach law.” 0:03:26 United States English Best Short
A COUNTERFEIT PRIEST Blaming the Catholic Church for the death of his wife, Henry is determined to make an exposé revealing the Church’s responsibility. Not divulging the true intentions of his documentary, Henry’s quest leads him to Rome where he’s promised access to the Vatican by its highest ranking cardinal, Silvio Contini, the Secretary of State of Vatican City. After arriving in the Eternal City, Cardinal Contini reneges on his agreement to meet with Henry. Refusing to have his plan compromised, Henry devises a bold scheme to get behind the impregnable walls of the Vatican to confront Contini. However, when the pope suddenly dies a quirk of fate throws Henry into a whirlwind when he is isolated in the inner sanctum of the papal conclave where he covertly records the secret election process, and clandestinely films Contini's unscrupulous method of eliminating papal candidates for his own agenda. Henry’s obsession to avenge the loss of his wife is put in jeopardy when his tapes are stolen, and he discovers that if Contini is elected pope he would alter sacred Church doctrine, thereby destroying the meaning of his wife’s death and all that she believed in. To prevent this Henry must reclaim his tapes while ultimately deciding whether to smuggle them out of the conclave and use the information they reveal to make his documentary, or exploit them to the voting cardinals in order to stop Contini’s election thereby upholding the dignity of his wife's beliefs. 133 Pages United States English Best Screenplay
Keeping Inn One married couple, a college student, and a practically human dog move into an empty 52-room hotel to protect the family business. Amusing, heartbreaking, and occasionally haunted by actual ghosts, this movie chronicles their 102-day pandemic adventure. 0:47:35 United States English Best Cast
Olivetti 82 A terminally ill man receives a strange typewriter as a gift. After discovering that it tells him exactly how long he has left to live, he also finds out it gives him a way to give him more time. He quickly learns that a long life isn’t worth it if you’re alone. 0:06:52 Italy Italian Best Drama Short
Pastrone! The finding of an autobiographical manuscript written by Giovanni Pastrone, the most relevant figure of Italian Silent film, prompts a researcher to reopen the historically closed case on the director. After having dominated the early phases of Cinema, Giovanni Pastrone abandons his creature to become a self-taught healer, devoting the rest of his life to Man's antagonistic struggle against Death. This documentary sheds a complete new light over an emblematic exponent of the 20th century and the stunning story of his only tragic failure. 1:30:00 Italy Italian Best Documentary
Time passes like flowing water It is difficult for a child who named is tiger to be accompanied by his mother. Because his mother is a head nurse. He grew up lonely and thought his father was on the film screen. Until he met an old film projectionist, they became friends. Tiger understands his mother, but the old projectionist died of illness. During his lifetime,he told tiger:The best time is preserved in the film.
pays homage to:Nuovo cinema Paradiso
0:25:00 China Chinese/English Best Director
Blue Nora, born in a decent family, came to an island in Asia to escape from the anxiety of her coming wedding. She met a girl named Rox when watching the Mermaid performance, she met the actress Rox who desired to be a mermaid. They became close friends and Nora was never aware that it was a trap by Rox's boyfriend. In the wonderful ocean, the two girls were diving, laughing and having great time. Rox cannot stop telling the truth to Nora. On the other hand, Nora's fiancé also came to this island looking for her. They were overwhelmed by flush, temptation, conspiracy, and betrayal. In order to escape the pursuit of Rox's boyfriend, the three finally jumped into 0:30:00 China Chinese/English Best Actress
Still Walking Liu shouhe, an old shadow puppet artist with Alzheimer's disease, stubbornly waits for his grandson to come back in the village. At this time, two young volunteers came to the village, hoping to help Liu shouhe recover his memory. 0:28:00 China Chinese/English Best Asian Short
The fairy tale town It's a fantastic short film. In a city with only children, a children's war broke out. 0:15:00 China Chinese/English Best Cinematography
The Lion Rock   1:36:28 Italy   Best Feature
Trail of Blood Father Lawrence, a priest with a background in stem cell research witnesses a strange miracle -- a statue of Christ bleeds human blood. The possession of a vial of the sacred blood lands Lawrence on the government radar, and he becomes a fugitive on the run, sought after by the secretly sinister, President of the United States, whom he suspects may be the antichrist. 107 Pages United States English Best Story
Another Conversation When Tom reaches the very edge of his sanity, it’s up to Jack to talk him down. Little does Jack know that not only is Tom intending to end his life - he’s about to shake the very core of their entire relationship. 0:14:59 Lebanon English Best Actor
Al Jazeera Documentary presents: Abbas 36 It is a story of two Palestinian families, Rafa and Abu-Ghaida, who lived in the same house on 36 Abbas street in Haifa. The film documents Nidal Rafa’s search for the house’s original owners and Dina Abu Ghaida’s efforts to return and retrieve part of her family home. Detailed Synopsis:- It is a story of two Palestinian families who lived in the same house on 36 Abbas Street in Haifa. For the Rafa family this house is the present, while for the Abu-Ghaida family who were forced to leave their house when Haifa fell in 1948, it is the past. The Rafa family bought the house from its “unlawful” owners. The mother, Sarah Rafa, insisted that the house’s rightful owners will inevitably return one day.... 1:12:14 Palestine, State of Arabic Official Selection
I, me... "Isolation might be the reason of suicide."Just one person is in this movie.He doesn't talk, doesn't meet someone. And he tripped to another world. Where am I, Who am I? Finally he decides to do it. Which is it, steps or door ?This film is inspired by "La Barbe Bleue", and this is the story of man opening the door from the isolated world. 0:14:50 Germany No Dialogue Official Selection
Panta Rei (everything flows, everything changes)
  0:05:42 Italy Italian Official Selection